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General Information


SBUF is the Swedish construction industry's organisation for funding of research and development with approximately 3,000 affiliated companies in Sweden. SBUF aims to promote development in the building process to create more businesslike conditions for contractors enabling them to make use of research and conduct development work.

Employers and employees founded the Development Fund of the Swedish Construction Industry, SBUF, jointly in 1983. Founding members of SBUF are:



SBUF operates with a board, four committees and a secretariat. SBUF members are represented on the board and the committees. One or more committees (building, civil engineering, mechanical services) are screening the applications and makes suggestions about grants for development projects before the board makes the decision. The research committee handles applications for university research in co-operation with the companies. About 100 projects are being granted yearly.


Board composition

Four board members

  1. Appointed by The Swedish Construction Federation (chair)
  2. Appointed by The Swedish Employers Association for Plumbing, Heating and Refrigeration Contractors
  3. Appointed by The Swedish Builders Workers Union

Appointed jointly by The Association of Management and Professional Staff and The Union of Service and Communication Employees


Regulatory framework

Organisational by laws


Employee Group Covered

Not applicable



Not applicable


Definition of Pensionable Pay

Not applicable


Cost Sharing

Not applicable


Employee contributions

No direct contribution


Employer contributions

Funds for SBUF are collected in proportion to number of hours worked by employees on construction industry collective agreement. Funds are collected by the organisation FOR A


Employer Matching contributions

Not applicable


Additional Temporary Employer contributions

Not applicable


Vesting and Withdrawal

Not applicable



SBUF, with administrative support from The Swedish Construction Federation. The day-to-day operation of the fund is managed by Handelsbanken Asset management.


Cost-of-living adjustment

Not applicable


Preservation, portability, transferability

Not applicable


Regulatory and supervisory authorities

The AGM, the Auditors appointed by the AGM, and the Board.

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