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R.q. Fondovi zhilishta, Bl. 25A, “Veda” Chitalishte, BG - 1233, City of Sofia



Dipl. Eng. Yordan Manasiev (Manager of the Construction training Center)
Tel : + 359 (0)2 831 30 68 -

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General Information


The Construction Training Center (CTC) was established in 2003 by Employees’ federation: Federation „Construction, industry and water supply”– „Podkrepa” and Employer’s association: Chamber of the Builders in Bulgaria (former Bulgarian Construction Chamber).


The CTC was licensed by NAVET at the end of July 2004 for 10 professions with 27 specialties in total. The CTC was jointly established with the BCC’s company-members, as to organize, carry out, or provide vocational training, initial and advanced qualification courses for adults in its facilities in Sofia and nation wide. The joint training with practice was most welcomed in the workshops of Henkel, Knauf, Baumit and others.


The legal entity is licensed to conduct training courses for 1st and 2nd qualification level respectively on approved training programs and curricula. In addition to vocational training courses, Construction Training Center also carries out such courses for the part of the profession by means of modular training. The later are based on the conception that after attending various modular courses, the trainee has the possibility to claim having received the required qualification degree.


Each training ends with theoretical and practical exams. Trainees are then given a professional qualification or vocational training certificate.

In the monthly programs of the Construction Training Center must include events such as:

  •      Coordinator on Health & Safety in Construction courses
  •      Officers on Health & Safety
  •      Seminars with topics of current importance for a given period of time


Our lectors are professionals from different Ministries, professors and associated professors from universities who, with their expertise on the topics concerned, import clear and profound commitment.


To get an idea of the diversity of the training activities of the CTC, we draw your attention to the number of trainees since the establishment of the training center to the time being:

  • The Coordinators on Health & Safety in Construction courses has been awarded with 1 551 participants
  • Vocational training on the part of professions for the executive personnel (Workers) – 1 678 persons
  • Health & Safety labour conditions courses conducted for the Executive personnel – 1 629 trainees
  • Participants in the seminars – 375 persons.


Total number of the attendees in the above mentioned events for the 6-year period is 5 312 persons.

  • This leads to the definite conclusions that participants who had completed various trainings in the Construction Training Centre had improved their skills, knowledge and their ability to take responsibility in their daily work.
  • TheConstruction Training Centre has actually contributed through its trainings to participants to promote managerial and executive staff of companies who sent them.


We express our conviction that the legal entity Construction Training Centre with its available resources can partner in vocational education and training of workers in the Construction industry. It is recognized by the general public in the country and has proven and won, by their actions and successes, an enviable place among the centers involved in vocational education and training.



In accordance with the approved Regulations of the Board of Managers


Construction Training Center is registered as NGO in private use


Board composition

Employees’ federation: Federation „Construction, industry and water supply”– „Podkrepa” – Dipl. Eng.  Ioanis Parteniotis – President of the Federation and Chairman of the Board; Mr. Ognjan Dimov – Vice-President of the Federation


Employer’s association:  Chamber of the Builders in Bulgaria(CBB)– Dipl. Eng. Kalin Balkanski – Vice-Chairman of the Board, Dipl. Eng. Tatjana Doncheva;

Regulatory framework 

Vocational Education and Training Act (SG No. 68/30.07.1999, last amendment 02.07.2010)


Non-profit associations Act (SG N 81/06.10.2000, last amendment SG N 42/05.06.2009)


Voluntary membership


Employee contribution: Membership fee, paid by Federation „Construction,  industry and  supply”– „Podkrepa”


Employer contributions:  Membership fee, paid by the Chamber of the Builders in Bulgaria (CBB)

public financing

No public financing,

Information to Employees

Information provided only to the trainers before the Board of Managers in written form and in oral one.

Training activities and proposed course framework

Vocational/professional training on Part of Profession, Profession - Qualification degree and Further vocational training – continuing


Vocational/professional training on Part of Profession – in comply with the requirements of the Employer
1st Qualification level – 340 training hours; 2nd Qualification level – 662 training hours;


Compulsory / voluntary:

The training is compulsory.



State exam on theory and practice.

Certificates in the following courses:

  • Courses for the officers on Health & Safety in accordance with the RD 07-2 Regulations
  • Courses for the Coordinators on Health & Safety
    If the trainee passes both courses, he/she receives Identification cards..



The funding is 100 % by the participants in the courses.

Teaching products

Handbooks, leaflets, CDs, notebooks, pocketbooks, slides, folders



The funding is 100 % by the participants in the courses.

Other activities

Other services provided on users / clients' request.

Information dissemination

Internet – posting on their own web site and web site of CBB, ‘Stroitelstvo Gradat’ weekly Newspaper, ‘Stroitel’ newspaper – 6000 subscribers, magazine ‘Healthy & Safety labour’.


Main information channel: e-mails, circulated to the CBB’s company-members and construction companies, entered in the Central Professional Register of Builders – over 4300.

Regulatory and supervisory authorities

The Board of Managers, composed by 2 representatives of the CBB and 2 of the Federation „Construction, industry and water supply”– „Podkrepa” on paritarian bases.


Regarding the provided initial and further Vocational training services authorized by public body is the National Agency for Vocational Education and Training (NAVET) – licensing and monitoring functions

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