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Danish Union of Plumbers and Pipefitters


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Immerkær 42, DK - 2650 Hvidovre



Mr. Max MEYER (Chairman)
Tel : +45 36383638 -

General Information Employee Group Covered Eligibility Contributions Public Financing Information to Employees Training activities Teaching products Dissemination of information about products Regulatory and supervisory authorities   

General Information


The union is organizing plumbers, pipe fitters and chimney sweepers. Including apprentices the union has 10.000 members.

The main part of the members are employed in the VVS-business. The employers are organized in Dansk VVS (the employers’ organization). VVS stands for Heating, Ventilation and Sanitation


Languages used in the fund



Board composition

The Executive Council has a total of 24 members: President, Vice President, Treasurer, and 21 representatives from the Organization


Regulatory framework

Collective agreements

Employee Group Covered

Every worker of the VVS-business and pipefitters, including part-timers.


Immediate eligibility upon 1st day at work without any waiting period.

Training can either be voluntary or compulsory depending on type of training, most trainings however are elective.


Employers pay for training. It has been agreed in collective agreements at the plumbing field.

Public Financing

The government provides grants for education and training

Information to Employees

Continuing education is well known. Therefore, there are many different types of information in flyers, website, magazine etc. 

Training activities

Together with employers, we offer courses from a full day of training for several weeks

Teaching products

The courses take place at technical schools. Materials and training materials are publicly funded

Information dissemination

Dissemination of information about products

Magazine, website, newsletters, media and Facebook.

Regulatory and supervisory authorities

Together with employers we have an education secretariat, which both control and develop the courses offered


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