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General Information


Fundeon is the Vocational Centre for the construction, infrastructure and specialized contractors, which provides career and training advice to companies of the building industry as well as practical training and courses information.  It provides the link between education and business.


Fundeon aims a good connection between employment and professional practice to achieve adequate career prospects.  The building companies for practical training directly contact the training consultants of Fundeon, who also gives advice on further training of all staff in enterprises, e.g. in the form of an adult education or professional training.


Besides the statutory duties it has from the Education Act (WEB), Fundeon ensures on behalf of employers and employees various tasks and services to strengthen the industry. Fundeon advises companies and workers of the construction, infrastructure and specialized contractors in the area of training and career development and promotes the working and learning in construction, infrastructure and specialized contractors.


The building industry requires comprehensive and high quality services in the areas of recruitment, training and retaining staff.  Fundeon offers diverse products and services for the industries focused on employment and training.


Fundeon is the leading institute in the construction, infrastructure and specialist contractors sector when it comes to policy education, training and employment.



Fundeon operates from a central office in Harderwijk and three regional offices in Helmond, Woerden and Zwolle.


The three regional offices send eighty consultants to ensure training programs.  These consultants are specialists in the field of construction & utilities, infrastructure, contractors or specialized training schools & businesses.  Each of them have a region where businesses and institutions they advise their specialty.  The consultants are hereby directed to support a communication consultant and administrative staff, who work in the regional office.

From the central office, the counselors and thirty-six APL Consultants drive career paths.  These consultants hold office in training companies throughout the country.


Moreover in Harderwijk, market information and development sections have been established. The market information section is involved in collecting, processing and distributing facts and figures, translating market demands into policies and the registration and monitoring of ongoing activities.  The development section focuses on developing and adapting the qualification records and facilitating training and advising in the sector.  To support education, this section develops learning and key resources.

At the central office level, Fundeon also support departments such as communications, finance and human resources.


Fundeon includes three foundations, each with formally appointed directors.


The Foundation Fundeon Knowledge building and infrastructure includes the statutory functions of Fundeon.  The statutory tasks include the development and maintenance of the qualification, recognition of professional training companies and recruiting sites.


Fundeon foundation focuses on providing private services in training and providing support and technical services to include the knowledge. These extra-legal activities and services are mainly conducted on behalf of and financed by the construction industry, through the Development & Educational Foundation.

Fundeon Foundation Fund focuses on acquiring and distributing grants for promoting the inflow, in particular the allowances for training companies.


The Fundeon Directors Foundation consists of representatives from the following organization: Building Netherlands, FNV Bouw, CNVProfessional, MBO Council


Joint committee

The Joint Committee advises the Board on development and updating of the qualification of the construction, infrastructure and specialized contractors.  This is based on identified needs, problems and developments.  This advice will also focus on the quality and quantity of occupational training places and opportunities for learning in practice.

Training activities and proposed course framework

Types of trainings provided

Youth training, career advice, training advice and further education.



The Examination department organizes theory and practical examinations for adult courses in the infrastructure level 2, 3 and 4.  The Examination department also handles the theory and practical examinations for certification of train mobile crane, tower crane and mobile pile installations according TCVT.


Cards and certificates

Fundeon delivers diplomas for the achievements of training programs based on positive results, recognized by the building industry.

Teaching products

Support and study material provided


Digital Learning


Bouwinfranet, BPVnet and the digital learning environments for training in construction and infrastructure. They include for each course a multimedia educational package curriculum (theory-building in key planning/qualification file) and materials (relevant information).  The student gets a personal login code when assessing teaching units via the Internet.  The student selects an application task on behalf of his teacher and mentor; the program offers more theoretical information that is currently essential, including facilities for making assignments. The program informs, instructs and corrects while the student learns, reflects and responds.

Bouwinfranet allows the teacher to grip more easily on the progress of each pupil.  The teacher determines which assessment units and working life are the most suitable, intervenes if necessary and monitors the qualification requirements of the test plan.




Interactive multimedia




Fundeon develops teaching materials for the construction and infrastructure sectors.


Advice cards CGO training Building and Infrastructure


The “Advice Card CGO Building and Infrastructure” clearly explains the requirements for each training lesson and exam.

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