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Organisme Professionnel de Prévention du Bâtiment et des Travaux Publics


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Paul DUPHIL (General secretary)
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General Information


OPPBTP is the professional body of the Construction branch in France in charge of occupational safety and health. Set up by decree in 1947, OPPBTP has a general advisory, training and information role with companies and workers of the Construction sector, as well as an advisory role with French public authorities


Board of Administrators composition

The national committee and 11 regional committees are administered by boards composed of five representatives of employers ‘federations and five representatives of unions of employees.

The General Secretary, a representative of the National Health Insurance and a representative of the Minister of Labour attend meetings of the Council of the National Committee. A local manager of OPPBTP, as well as representatives of the Regional Health Insurance and of Labour regional public authorities, attend meetings of the Councils of the regional committees.


Regulatory framework

  • Collective Agreement of the constructor sector
  • National Collective Agreement of the Construction Economists and Quantity surveyors.

Employee Group Covered

All employees working in the construction sector, including part-timers.


Immediate eligibility upon first day at work with no waiting period.  Compulsory coverage for employees of the construction industry. 


  • Trainings

OPPBTP offers an extensive range of training courses available to construction companies and their personel, as well as representative bodies of workers. These courses cover the organizational, technical and human aspects of safety prevention, with a specific focus on management practice.


Innovative training methodologies (Prev’action) are designed to impact all management levels of companies, in a focused and coordinated manner.


OPPBTP offers as well initial academic training for safety specialists in the Construction sector.


  • Risk Assessment

With MAEVA-BTP, OPPBTP has developed various software products to help construction companies of all sizes to analyse and assess risk factors in their working environment, with specific rating of risk. With more than 40 000 users, MAEVA is the main risk assessment tool used in the Construction sector in France, enabling companies to develop adequate safety and risk prevention policies, action plans for improvement as well as fulfilling their legal obligations.


  • Advising companies on improving safety and working conditions:

OPPBTP has more than 140 safety specialists active everyday on advising construction companies for improving safety and work conditions on construction sites. Various advisory tools have been developed over time, such as PREVAL (an on-site 2h survey leading to a 1st step action action), LARA, a software tool to assess chemical risk, PREDIAG, a general prevention management audit and rating tool, PRECHAN, a range of audit and rating tolls for construction sites, and and integrated approach for a global effective safety management system.


Focus has been given lately to improving work conditions with the ADAPT family of advisory tools, based on concrete observation of work situations, ergonomical analysis of operators’ activities, measurement of physical factors linked to work conditions (noise, vibrations, dust, postural constraint and physical stress…).


PREVENTION BTP ( is a monthly magazine edited by OPPBTP, second professional title in the construction sector. It offers news, testimonies, advice on all subjects related to occupational safety and health in the Construction sector, including a monthly European focus.


OPPBTP also supports a website (to be redesigned soon) as well as numerous publications (available on line on our website). Regularly, OPPBTP supports major communication campaign on health and safety major subjects (latest campaign related to SMD, please refer to for further information).

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